Spike TV Announces New Series ‘Family Takeover’ With Victor Antonio

Financial troubles can affect any family, from the wealthy to the blue-collar middle class, to the young family just starting out. But so often these monetary issues can be solved with some expert guidance and some tough love. That’s where Victor Antonio, a Fortune 500 business strategist, comes in.

In the new series, “Family Takeover,” Spike TV has partnered with Ugly Brother Studios and Victor to help families pull themselves out from the economic abyss. Victor believes that the family finances should be run like a major corporation and that by streamlining operations, families can avoid financial ruin.

In each episode, Victor will meet a different family who is facing a fiscal calamity. Using his proven methods from years of experience, Victor will work tirelessly to help the family out of their monetary pit. Victor’s guidance and supervision often reveals that money troubles are just a symptom of a family’s deeper issues.

Spike TV has greenlit 10 one-hour episodes of “Family Takeover.” Production begins in Los Angeles this spring and will debut on Spike TV in the fall. The series was created by Ugly Brother Studios, a Sky Vision partner, with Tim Duffy and Mike Duffy serving as Executive Producers.

“Family Takeover is extremely relevant to our growing gender-balanced audience as financial distress can happen to any family,” said Sharon Levy, Executive Vice President, Original Series, Spike TV.

“This is a compelling and timely issue that touches the entire country,” jointly said by Tim and Mike Duffy. “By teaching these families to run like a business, Victor has found an innovative solution that yields potentially life-changing takeaway for the average viewer.”


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