‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Fans Can Bid On Items From The Show

After seven extraordinary seasons FX Networks’ original drama Sons of Anarchy ended its successful run last Tuesday night. To commemorate the ground-breaking series, Hollywood collectibles auction site ScreenBid will host an exclusive online auction of more than 700 props, wardrobe pieces and memorabilia straight from the set of Sons of Anarchy.


Bidding began on www.ScreenBid.com at 11:59pm PST Sunday, December 14, and will begin closing at 9am PST Thursday, December 18.

Proceeds of select items will benefit the following charities:
The Boot Campaign (http://www.bootcampaign.com/)
Friends and Helpers (http://www.friendsandhelpers.org/)
Chrysalis (http://www.changelives.org/)


The charity items include Opie’s 2001 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport motorcycle, Jax’s Helmet and White Nikes, a Redwood Original Leather Cut and more.

Additional items available for auction include:
Harley Davidson motorcycles
SAMCRO Redwood Original leather cuts
Jax Tellers’ SO and NS rings, hoodies, SAMCRO belt buckle and Nike sneakers
Clay Morrow’s chain wallet, ring and bandana
Chibs’ rosary, sunglasses, jeans and boots
Tig’s Dickies, rings and silver medallion necklace
Gemma’s leather jacket, necklaces and earrings
Juice’s cigar case and CDC prison uniform
Tara’s police case file and wedding ring
Unser’s Airstream trailer
The President’s gavel
Nero’s business cards, cardigan sweater
SAMCRO sunglasses, helmets, cigarette boxes, coffee mugs



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