‘Songs She Wrote About People She Knows’ Trailer And Poster

An emotionally bottled up woman discovers the pitfalls of honest self-expression in the “delightfully cynical quasi-musical” (Indiewire), Songs She Wrote About People She Knows, debuting on Digital HD and On Demand February 9 from MarVista Digital Entertainment (MVDE). Written and directed by Kris Elgstrand (Doppelgänger Paul), the “perversely funny and engaging” (Toronto Star) comedy stars Arabella Bushnell (The Cabin Movie) and Brad Dryborough (“Battlestar Galactica”). Available on Digital HD and On Demand February 9, 2016.

When Carol (Bushnell) begins expressing herself by singing songs she wrote about the people in her life, it immediately alienates her friends and co-workers with one notable exception: her boss Dave (Dryborough), to whom she dedicates the song “Asshole Dave.” Inspired by the song, Dave fires Carol with a hefty severance package so she can pursue her music. Dave, in turn, quits his job and picks up a guitar in an attempt to revive his long-abandoned dream of becoming a rock star. The two misfits soon find themselves working with a strange record producer, Silent G (Ross Smith), whose work inspires Carol to confront her biggest emotional obstacle: her mother. Unable to find satisfaction, Carol pours her entire severance package into producing a full album that she shares with her “friends” at a special album release party.

One of ten comedy films included in the U.S. theatrical tour “Canada Cool” presented by Telefilm Canada, Songs She Wrote About People She Knows was also an official selection at the Toronto International Film Festival (2014) and the Grand Jury Prize Winner for New Directors Competition at the Nashville Film Festival (2015). The “laugh-out-loud uniquely quirky meta-comedy” (Culture Map Dallas) will be available on Amazon, Comcast Xfinity, Google Play, iTunes, Vimeo and VUDU, as well as On Demand with AT&T, Charter, Verizon, and Vubiquity.


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