‘Smooth Talker: Trail Of Death’ Premieres Saturday, April 9

One-Hour Special Premieres Saturday, April 9 at 9/8c
Twenty years after Michelle Wallace’s disappearance, investigator Kathy Young makes it her mission to bring Wallace’s killer to justice. Smooth talking criminal Roy Melanson, the last person seen with Michelle alive, is convicted for murder. But in 2011 Melanson is nearing parole when the case takes an epic turn: Melanson is connected with and charged for the murder of a woman in Northern California who was killed a month before Wallace. In an exclusive development, Young, still unsatisfied, ties Melanson to yet another murder, of a young woman in Louisiana. With the murder toll still rising, began as a crusade to provide closure for one woman’s family leads Kathy Young to uncover the gruesome trail of one of the most ruthless serial killers of our time.

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