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Shouting Secrets is the tale of a fractured family brought together by tragedy. A richly realized portrait of kin repairing bonds once thought irretrievably broken. Wesley (Chaske Spencer of the Twilight series), a young, successful novelist, long ago left Arizona and the San Carlos Apache Reservation in his rear view mirror. He remains close to his mother June (Tantoo Cardinal) but alienated the rest of the family (Q’orianka Kilcher, Tyler Christopher, Gil Birmingham) with his autobiographical bestseller. He has no intention of returning for his parents anniversary fete but finds himself pulled back into the fold. Coming home only underlines what a mess Wesley’s life has become, but he’s not alone in that. The entire clan is in flux in a story that is at once about the constancy and the fragility of love, as well as the importance of family. Available now.

VOD: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/shouting-secrets/id898058355
DVD: www.shoutingsecretsmovie.com

The cast is led by a number of beloved Native American actors including: Chaske Spencer (“The Twilight Saga,” “Last Man Stands”), Q’Orianka Kilcher (“The New World,” “Sons Of Anarchy”), Tyler Christopher (“General Hospital,” “CSI”), Tantoo Cardinal (“Dances with Wolves,” “Legends of the Fall”), Tonantzin Carmelo (“Into the West,” “CSI”), Rodney A. Grant (“Dances with Wolves,” “Geronimo), with Connor Fox (“Delivery Man,” “Law & Order”), Ted King (“The X Files,” Amazon’s hit “Alpha House”) and Sheri Foster (“U Turn,” “Shallow Ground”).

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