Short Film Review: ‘Sacred Hair’

We often link movies to long hours and elaborate depiction. After all, conveying everything the story has to offer demands such long length without any doubt. But short films defy such common conceptions with excellent caliber, creating masterpieces with their powerful story. One such short film that has won accolades and awards portrays the power in shorter length but impactful meaning. Within short duration of 15 minutes, it manages to capture the attention of viewers, offering lasting impact and an interesting afterthought.

Revolving around the unique encounter between a cute little boy and a young lady in park, Sacred Hair addresses the fact that we all can find some common connection between us. Though completely opposite in their beliefs and views, these two develop a novel form of friendship within minutes. It shows the reality of how we allow prejudices in our lives. As we grow older these misconceptions grow stronger, making us restricted in our world. Religion, faith, food preferences, nationality, occupation tends to divide us but the film shows the significance of communication and understanding. While the little boy refused to believe such misconceptions, he opens up with the Muslim lady and asks his questions with innocence.

The makers of this film have used ‘hair’ and ‘beauty’ as excellent central themes to explore the differences and similarities between these two central characters. The little’s boy interaction with his mother and friend throws light over commonly guarded beliefs within our social circles. Though we all have different reasons to follow or believe in certain things, we are ultimately united by the thread of humanity. An excellent feel-good film that succeeds in striking a bond, the movie brings out feelings, emotions and love at the end.

Flawless expressions and acting by these two protagonists bring out the beauty of the tale. With few words but powerful acting, both succeed in conveying their own thoughts without the need to agree. It stresses over the need to accept everyone without forming our own judgments.

Such short films are definitely the need of the hour where we see greater differences and tensions in our world today.

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