Short Film Review: BAFTA Nominated ‘The Party’

Greetings again from the darkness. Belfast in 1972 is remembered for “Bloody Friday” when the IRA set off a series of bombs that killed and injured so many. It was a precarious time both socially and politically, and the entire world was watching.

This is the time period that provides the setting for this 14 minute short film from director Andrea Harkin and writer Conor MacNeill. The tension of this era is readily apparent as Mickey sports a dress and wig in order to sneak back home for a night of drinking and partying with his friends. Mickey has been on the run, and is clearly risking much by returning … as evidenced by the reactions from a simple ring of the doorbell.

BAFTA nominated for Best Short Film, the film delivers palpable tension even as the music blares and a couple heads off for an evening of young love. It’s also a reminder that youngsters are rarely the first to acknowledge real world consequences, and frequently underestimate the risks … even when those risks are life-threatening. It’s a quick, efficient and powerful short film.

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