‘Sharon Osbourne’ Opens Up About What’s Going On With Ozzy

Sharon Osbourne returned to “The Talk” Tuesday after tabloid reports of marriage problems with husband Ozzy. She walked on stage carrying a glass of lemonade, a nod to Beyoncé’s latest hit album. Sharon opened up, saying, “I’m doing great, I really really am…I honestly, honestly can’t thank people enough for their backing me…for sending me messages of love. I…am empowered and I have found this inner strength and I’m like, ‘right, ok, what’s next.’ I can handle this.” Regarding whether she kicked Ozzy out of the house, Sharon says, “It’s true,” and continues, “He’s back, and I’m out of the house… It’s right for me because I honestly, at this point today, have no idea what I’m going to be doing with the rest of my life…I just need time to think…I really want to think about it very carefully.”

Sharon Osbourne opens up on “The Talk” about the next chapter of her life after news broke about trouble in her marriage to Ozzy. Sharon Osbourne reveals, “I’m 63 years of age and I can’t be living like this.” Julie Chen asks, “When was the last time you spoke to him [Ozzy]?” Osbourne responds, “We’re talking. I spoke with him last night. I’m not with him, but I speak to him, sure.” She goes on to say, “I love Ozzy dearly. He’s given me unbelievable life. He’s given me three gorgeous children.” Chen proceeds, “Is there a chance the two of you will stay married?” Osbourne replies, “At this point, I cannot answer that because I don’t know what I want.” And to her fans, “When I know what I’m going to do with the rest of my life…You’ll be the first to know…I don’t even know what my heart is telling me right now…just trying to take it all in, do it calmly and in a timely fashion.”

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