‘Serengeti’ Premieres On Discovery Channel Narrated By Lupita Nyong’o Later This Year

Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has signed on to narrate the anticipated series from award-winning creator and producer Simon Fuller and directed by Emmy® winning director and producer John Downer, SERENGETI. With unrivaled access to one of the most pristine and unspoiled corners of the African plains, this innovative six-part series tells the heartwarming stories of a cast of African wildlife over the course of a year that showcase the dramatic moments that make each day of survival on the Serengeti a feat. Nyong’o will narrate the series for Discovery Channel in the U.S.

“Simon and John have created a stunning and unique testament to a place that I have always loved,” explains Nyong’o. “These beautiful creatures’ stories are universal, and I am honored to help take the audience on their journey.”

“Lupita brings pure magic to Serengeti, her sensitivity and passion for nature shines through in every word she speaks. We are so proud to be working with such an extraordinary artist on this show that means so much to us,” says Fuller.

“We are thrilled and honored to have Lupita join this revolutionary new project from Simon and John,” states Nancy Daniels, Chief Brand Officer, Discovery and Factual. “Her voice is sure to transport viewers to the plains of Serengeti highlighting their stories for generations.

Fuller and Downer have worked together on Serengeti for several years; their team employed innovative filming techniques in some of Africa’s most treasured regions painting the ultimate portrait of survival in SERENGETI. Set to the backdrop of original music, this television experience combines Africa’s unimaginable beauty with its equally unforgiving brutality, highlighting daily challenges of life on the Serengeti – such as a lioness trying to provide for her small cubs after being exiled from her pride – and witness firsthand how the animal experience isn’t so different from our own. This series will premiere later this year on Discovery Channel.

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