Robin Williams Dies At 63

While there will no doubt be several of these types of posts in the coming days, I felt compelled to sit down and immediately collect some thoughts about the magnificent career of Robin Williams. His career is one of the finest to ever hit the entertainment world, as he rose from manic stand up comedian to TV star to being recognized all over the world. This man made millions upon millions of people laugh in silly movies like “Mrs. Doubtfire” or “Alladin” and managed to not only win an Academy Award, but collect three other nominations as well. It’s really one of the finest careers ever in show business.

Clearly, with the news of his death being the result of a suicide, Robin Williams was a tortured soul. Many comedians suffer the same demons, which is probably why they are so motivated by making others smile and laugh. If Mr. Williams had decided just one time in his brilliant 63 years on this Earth to turn that desire to make others happy inward, I truly wish it had been today.

These are the five movies that I find overall to be his best work. You won’t see “Mrs. Doubtfire” on this list, even thought that movie is comedic genius. These are movies that allowed him to show off all the skills he possessed as an entertainer and an actor. Yes, Mork could act and he could do it quite well.

5. “Good Morning, Vietnam”

Up until this point in his career, he was either very zany or very odd. There hadn’t been a movie that managed to combine his stand up career and dramatic skills quite like “Good Morning, Vietnam”.

4. “The Fisher King”

Williams is heartbreaking. Just unbelievably heartbreaking. Who would have ever thought that Terry Gilliam would direct Williams in something that just guts you from start to finish?

3. “The Birdcage”

Sure, Nathan Lane and Hank Azaria steal the show, but Williams actually tones it down and is the…well…umm…straight man. So to speak.

2. “Good Will Hunting”

The park bench. That is all.

1. “Dead Poets Society”

Oh captain, my captain.

Rest in peace, Robin. Judging from every word pouring out from everyone, you’ll be missed more than you could ever possibly have imagined.

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