Reviews: BBC Earth’s ‘Winged Planet,’ ‘Earth Flight’ And ‘Extreme Bears’

Winged Planet: An Earth Flight:

Narrated by David Tennant (Doctor Who, Broadchurch), you get an awesome look at how winged birds travel across the earth. They have new devices and ways to actually fly right with the birds. Different types of birds all over the earth in different cities, cruising down to the ocean right on top of dolphins, whales and sharks. This breathtaking footage is incredible.

Earth Flight: The Complete Series
Again narrated by David Tennant, you get to journey over six continents. It took them over four years of filming from various birds, which had attached cameras, drones and microflight planes. You see everything from the birds-eye point of view. This breathtaking footage will have you watching with amazement.

Extreme Bears:
If you’ve ever been fascinated with bears, this is the DVD set for you. From BBC Earth, watch all types of bear, pandas and polar bears interact with nature and themselves. With high tech remotes, satellites and roving cameras, this is the ultimate look at bears in their habitat. The set also includes 3 extreme bear features.

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