Review: “SwearNet” The Trailer Park Boys Are Back With Another Tasteless Movie

Canada’s own Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay and Mike Smith known as their alter-egos The Trailer Park Boys are finally off the leash with a movie based off their website aptly titled Swearnet. This movie has set a new record for saying the F–word with an egregious 935 uses in the two hour run-time. This beats out Martin Scorsese’s satirical look at capitalism The Wolf Of Wall Street which had 569 F’s throughout. (Which was my choice for best film of 2013.) royal vegas bonus code

Mentioning this fact is basically playing into the hands of Wells, Tremblay and Smith who don’t hide that this is the only point of the film. So congratulations guys you got what you wanted, but you are the ones who chose to have your name attached to such filth, not the vast amount of critics who have condemned this failed exercise in satire. (Leave that work to the South Park boys.)

The three Canadians all play cartoon-ish versions of themselves; they are sick of their Trailer Park Boys fame, their subservient bimbo girlfriends and signing autographs.  On top of that they nonchalantly get in their Maserati’s and hang in their mansions as to give an ironic wink/nudge to the successes of the television show from yesteryear they are condemning.

Swearnet’s premise follows the troupe’s failed attempt to get another show green-lit by network executives because of the outrageous use of curse words. The trio take their “talents” to a guerrilla style network which is where the film gets its title. This reminds me of a piece of dialogue from The Big Lebowski where maverick character Walter Sobchak says “This isn’t Nam Smokey their are rules!” So the trio curse their way through an assortment of atrocious stunts to gain followers which if you are curious as to what they are, check out the movie I personally will not humor this type of behavior.

At one point in the film Smith is having a conversation with comedians Carrot Top and Tom Green (who both make extended cameos) as huge Hollywood celebrities–a remark that Green continues to repeat for minutes after–which is either suppose to be a joke, or  actually taken seriously, but who knows due to the lackluster direction.

Clearly Swearnet wasn’t made to garner critical acclaim and the slack-jawed style of humor will most likely please hoards of fans who have followed the troupe for over a decade at this point. This 2-hour commercial for the titular website even asks the audience to pay $5 a month for content just like you’ve seen here! If the Canadian comedians can get this piece of ragged, taste-less clip reel off the ground then Green should have zero problem resurrecting Freddy Got Fingered 2.

The film opens in Houston and other select markets on Friday, September 19th.

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