Review: ‘J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan 360’ Is An Amazing Experience

Review by Monique

Simply put…..What an AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Situated in the arts District of Dallas under a big white tent, Peter Pan 360 is a production like no other. Hands down, this Peter Pan is a jaw dropping experience for the entire family. Just think, IMAX theater but live-on stage. Everything from the beautifully lit tent outside to the innovative electric stage that is used to swiftly change the setting, results in a magical experience that will surely be unforgettable. The 360 degree projection is beautiful and makes it seem as if you are really flying straight to Neverland alongside Peter Pan and Wendy. The classic tale of the little boy that can fly and never grows old is so heartwarming and the entire cast just makes you fall in love with the story as if it was the first time hearing it.

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