Review: “Hellion” Is A Fantastic Depiction Of A Rebellious Teen


Kat Candler’s “Hellion” features a glimpse into rural Texas as we follow a rebellious and angry teen named Jacob-played by promising newcomer Josh Wiggins- who spends his days racing dirt bikes and hanging out with his equally rebellious group of friends. 

Jacob’s widowed  father, Hollis (Aaron Paul) is an emotional absentee after his mother passes away which sparks the rebel without a cause streak within Jacob. Things get worse when a impending custody battle between Hollis and his sister-in-law threaten to take away Jacob’s little brother. 

Candler does a fantastic job at depicting the characters and scenery of Southeast Texas. Paul delivers a powerful, yet stifled performance as the flawed father trying to guide his wayward sons, who want nothing more than his affections. At times the plot feels a bit forced, but Candler stays true to the task at hand, which is developing these incredibly believable characters. Candler deserves credit for crafting a film that calls attention to how difficult it is for lower middle class Americans to travel through the journey of life. 

Red Carpet Crash has the chance to speak to Kat Candler about “Hellion” which can be found here.

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