Review: HBO’s ‘Ferrell Takes The Field’ Is One Of The Funniest Things Will Ferrell Has Done In Years

It is not an overstatement to say that ‘Ferrell Takes the Field’ is one of the funniest things that Will Ferrell has done in years. Though this isn’t too big of a boast considering most of his recent work has been more avant garde than rolling on the floor funny. While this somewhat short documentary isn’t a homerun (I couldn’t resist) it is still an entertaining watch.

Somewhere between documentary and mockumentary the film finds Ferrell well within his element. Having made quite a few sports themed movies it shouldn’t be a big surprise that Ferrell would find his way into a movie about baseball. The schtick is pretty straightforward: Ferrell, in the quasi character of an old journeyman baseball player, participates in five different baseball games for ten different teams, playing different positions each time.

Watching a 47-year-old attempt to keep up with Major League Baseball players is pretty amusing. Ferrell’s interactions with the players (many of whom do a bit of character acting themselves in the film) can be pretty funny. Despite this it never really has any over the top hilarious moments, instead relying on a slow and painstakingly steady humor.

At only about fifty minutes the entire thing is a pretty short ride. This is probably for the best, as by the end the whole idea has pretty much run its course. ‘Ferrell Takes the Field’ is worth a watch, especially if you’re a baseball fan, but unfortunately it is probably going to end up one of Will Ferrell’s more forgettable projects.

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