Review: HBO’s Docs ‘The (Dead Mothers) Club’ Will Make You Want To Remember Mom

This weekend is ‘Mother’s Day’ and HBO Documentaries has a heartfelt tribute in it’s new documentary ‘The (Dead Mothers) Club.’ The moving film, inspired by Hope Edelman’s New York Times bestselling book, “Motherless Daughters, tells the stories of 3 women that lost their moms at an early age and how that effected their lives right up to today. These ladies share personal home videos, pictures and their stories.

Also included three Hollywood stars who lost their moms early in their lives. Jane Fonda (mom committed suicide), Molly Shannon (mom died in car crash) and Rosie O’ Donnell (mom died of breast cancer) tell personal, heartfelt stories and open up candidly about how their lives were forever altered when they lost their moms at young ages.

If you’re mom is still alive, this documentary will make you want to call or hug your mom right away and tell her you love her or at least make you think about her if she passed away.

HBO’s Docs ‘The (Dead Mothers) Club’ airs Monday, May 12, only on HBO.

[youtube video=”JOGexFYa-d4″ width=”560″ height=”340″ /]

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