Review: HBO Documentaries ‘All About Ann: Governor Richards Of The Lone Star State’ Is A Fantastic Look At Her Life

There has never been anyone like Ann Richards and there may never be again. She was a pioneer when it came to women in politics. She was a tough, no nonsense woman who wouldn’t take no for answer and fought hard in a man’s world, especially in the Republican state of Texas. Now HBO gives props to Ann in a new documentary, ‘All About Ann: Governor Richards Of The Lone Star State’ airing Monday, April 28.

I currently live in Dallas and was familiar with her name (I moved here in 2003) but wasn’t aware of her political record and achievements. Watching this documentary and learning all about her, I wish I had been here during that time. It goes into great detail of her early life, she loved hosting parties, she drank and smoked, and had a good time. She got into politics in the early 70’s and was elected state treasurer in 1982. She gave one of the speeches at the 1984 Democratic convention and it was at 1988 Democratic convention that she made a name for herself. From there she became Governor of Texas in a very heated, bitter battle.

Ann also had her demons. She was an alcoholic and got treatment for it. Politics ended up ruining her marriage, as she told her husband when she started running that this would cost us the marriage and it did. The governor’s race was heated and got down right nasty at times but Ann won and made lots of great changes in the state.

With lots of home videos, news reports, clips of conventions, debates, friends, families and politicians commenting and even the Queen of England, this documentary is one fantastic look at a dynamo of American politics. Loved and hated for being liberal, a champion of women’s right and equal rights for gay and black people, Ann Richards was an icon in the world of politics. This documentary looks step by step at her life in and out of the political spectrum, right up to her death of esophageal cancer in 2006.

Watch ‘All About Ann: Governor Richards Of The Lone Star State’ airing Monday, April 28. You won’t be sorry you did.

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