Review: Grace Kelly Collection


Grace Kelly was one of Hollywood’s most beautiful stars. She wasn’t an actress for very long as she met and married Prince Rainier III of Monaco and retired to be his princess. Her short career was memorable and now Warner Bros. has released this excellent collection of six movies (Mogambo (1953) · Dial M for Murder (1954) · The Country Girl (1954) · The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1954) · To Catch A Thief (1955) · High Society (1956)) and a documentary of Grace’s last interview.

Dial M For Murder:
May have been Hitchcock’s best movie and some of Grace’s finest work. Her jealous husband played by Ray Milland puts a plot in motion to have his wife played by Grace murdered, when he suspects she’s having an affair.

To Catch A Thief:
Another classic Hitchcock movie, this time a romantic thriller. Shot on the French Riviera, this sexy, Oscar winning movie and is as good as it gets.

The collection also contains bonus features for some of the movies, art cards and a personal letter from Bing Crosby.

You can pick it up here on Tuesday, July 29.

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