Review: Chiller’s ‘Deep In The Darkness’ Has Some Good Jump At You Moments And Airs Tonight

It would appear that the Chiller Channel is encroaching in the scary movie territory (or scare-itory hehehe) that has been dominated by the Syfy Channel by putting out their own original movies. The latest is “Deep in the Darkness”. The film stars Sean Patrick Thomas, who plays Dr Michael Cayle. Cayle and his family have just moved to a small town called Ashborough. The small town’s only doctor had passed away and Mike bought not only his house, but the late doc’s medical practive. What they didn’t realize when they purchased the properties is that Ashborough has been plagued by a small sect of wildmen called “isolates” who live in the surrounding area. They also learn from the unofficial local historian Phil (Dean Stockwell) that attacks on the Ashborough citizens by the isolates have been going on for centuries, with regular sacrifices of a few residents to the wildmen in an effort to keep everyone else alive. Not something you really want to bring your family into, idyllic small town charm or not, and Mike has to do everything he can to get his family out of there to safety.

“Deep in the Darkness” may not be one of the scariest movies, being a little hindered by a low budget, but there are some good jump-at-you moments. That, hand-in-hand with a pretty solid cast, makes for a decent B-movie flick. It premieres tonight at 9E/8C.

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