Review: ‘Batman’ Box Set Lives Up To The Hype

Finally. Discussions of when the classic Adam West and Burt Ward Batman series would get the DVD/Blu Ray treatment it deserved have raged for years. The time is here and the series has been released complete with special features and a few box set adorning extras.

So, does the set live up to the hype? For the most part, the answer is a resounding yes.

It is difficult for any show that has the nostalgia and the build-up that the 60’s Batman has for many people to look as good as it does in their heads. The remastered version does look pretty sweet though. On the first viewing you can tell that this thing was done with love to give it the best video quality possible. The audio leaves a bit to be desired, but it’s hard to gripe too much.

The box set comes with a few extra goodies, including a Hot Wheels replica of the Batmobile, an episode guide, an “Adam West Scrapbook,” and 44 collectible cards with pictures from the iconic series. These are a nice addition, but most likely they’ll just end up in storage somewhere. There isn’t a lot of substance in the added booklets, but they are nice to have.

Special features wise the set contains around three hours of extras. There are six featurettes covering a range of topics from the show’s memorabilia to the actor’s favorite moments. The addition of some rarities from the vault provide a somewhat entertaining watch. All in all not to shabby for a show that is around fifty years old.

The finally realized complete series box set of the classic Batman is a great collection worth tracking down and watching. This is a different Batman than many kids/people are familiar with today, but it is well worth the entertaining history lesson and the good time.

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