Review: ‘7 Days In Hell’ Is Everything A Comedy Should Be

Andy Samberg’s ‘7 Days in Hell’ is everything that a comedy should be. It is all substance and no filler. It is a sports mockumentary that is a spot-on parody of the type of thing you’d see on ESPN ’30 for 30’ or the like. At only 42 minutes it is just long enough to fully develop and utilize its humorous plot without becoming tiresome or annoying.

The mockumentary covers the longest tennis match in history that went on for a week between the blonde-mulleted Aaron Williams (Andy Samberg) and the British prodigy Charles Poole (Kit Harington). Aaron is the adopted brother of tennis superstars the Williams sisters, and something of a party animal. Charles is a nervous mama’s boy.

Believe me when I say that ‘7 Days in Hell’ is funny. Samberg utilizes his irreverent and off the wall sense of humor well, and the random cameos (oh so many of them, including: John McEnroe, David Copperfield, Michael Sheen, Jon Hamm, Fred Armisen, Lena Dunham, Will Forte, and more) add another layer to the comedy. There’s just something about a well developed comedic plot with a bunch of famous faces pushing the envelope.

The short format for this comedy special works incredibly well and hopefully this is something that catches on. So many great ideas are ruined when they are turned into movies because of the necessity to kill an entire 90 minutes. ‘7 Days in Hell’ is a hilarious watch, and perhaps a potential look at the future of comedies.

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