Review: “22 Jump Street” Fuels The Bro-mantic Fire


Review By: Cole Clay

Twitter: @WordsByCole

Sequels, are they really necessary? Generally speaking no they aren’t and luckily filmmaking partners Phil Lord & Chris Miller are fully aware of this fact. The duo have fully capitalized on this method, by churning out gold from seemingly pointless franchise reboots. Their latest effort “22 Jump Street” doesn’t change from the formula that made the first installment the funniest film in recent memory. 

The bromance between Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt ( Jonah Hill) is at an all-time high after closing their first case in the most ridiculous fashion plausible they are put on a bigger mission with an even bigger budget. Hope you caught that allegory because Lord & Miller’s reflexive humor calls attention to that fact any chance they get. 

The dynamic duo have relocated to the titular address across the street with their belligerent Captain Dickson; (Ice Cube aka O’Shea Jackson) their assignment now is to go to college and of course…”Infiltrate the dealer, find the supplier!”  Conspicuously undercover they learn all about life in college from co-ed bathrooms to slam poetry coffee houses and everything in between.

Filled with pop-culture references, visual jokes, goofy jokes, throwaway jokes and just about brand of humor you can shake a stick at Lord & Miller have honed in on their craft with no signs of stopping. It’s like they have made themselves critic proof by blatantly commenting on the absurdity of the film’s premise. Let’s just hope they don’t up and decide to become part of the Marvel farmhouse. 

Tatum & Hill’s chemistry doesn’t miss a beat which wasn’t a surprise to anybody going into the theater. “22 Jump Street” marks Tatum’s official dive into being a genuine comedic actor his blank face and Hill’s constant anxious mannerisms are the perfect contrasts in personalities that warrant them a nomination into the buddy-cop hall of fame.

The child-like enthusiasm of “22 Jump Street” is squeezed for every drop of laughter and although there is a construction site marked “23 Jump Street” it would be best if that building is left abandoned. 


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