‘Relatively Evil’ Preview On Investigation Discovery Tuesday

Season Finale Airs Tuesday, November 19 at 9/8c

RELATIVELY EVIL is a psychological thriller that features terrifying cases of family dynamics turning deadly. Whether it is an outsider entangled with a family capable of dangerous deeds or someone with evil intentions who is invited in, each episode features a true crime murder mystery where the pool of suspects are all from within the family.

Living Lies premieres Tuesday, November 12 at 9/8c Newlyweds Lauren and Matthew Phelps are a made-for-social-media couple: geeky, young, attractive and fun. But this image is shattered by a panicked midnight call to 911 to report a death. Detectives must determine if this murder is caused by cold medicine or if it’s a cold-blooded crime.

Blood Money premieres Tuesday, November 19 at 9/8c After years in foster care, 19-year-old Matthew Graville reunites with his long-lost biological brother, Jeffery Voglesberg. Soon after Matthew becomes immersed in the family dynamics, cracks in the newly formed façade begin to appear. The ongoing rivalry and resentment leads to an unbelievable crime and cover up.

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