DVD Review: “A Short History Of Decay” Channels It’s Inner Quirkiness


“A Short History Of Decay” is a character study about failed New York City writer’s (Bryan Greenberg) trip home to care for his father who recently suffered a stroke (Harris Yulin) and his mother (Linda Lavin) who is dealing with a early on-set Alzheimer’s.

Anchored by a vastly underrated Greenberg this film channels the indie roots laid by “Garden State” and transforms these cliches into a very enjoyable dramedy. Over the course of the film’s zippy 90 minute run time he discovers the true value of his family through an assortment of quirky predicaments including a couple of dates with local women and a few glasses of bourbon. 

Director Michael Maren’s inaugural film pulls on the heart strings without being incredibly manipulative. The film concludes that you may not be able to choose your family, but you can cherish every little moment no matter how frustrating. 

Available in stores on Tuesday, June 10.

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