‘Railroad Alaska’ Preview Saturday

Night from Hell Premieres Saturday, November 28 at 10/9c After an accident, veteran off-gridder Jim James attempts to reach the hospital by train, but obstacles may put him in jeopardy. Elsewhere, the freight crew fights to open up a port in lockdown.

The Dead Zone Premieres Saturday, December 5 at 10/9c A communications shutdown leaves a train hauling the biggest load ever moved on the Alaska Railroad hurtling towards a dead zone. On board the train, crew Bill and Davy have their own super-sized challenge transporting the largest single item ever hauled by the railroad: a 150-foot-long steel girder needed for a construction project in Anchorage.

Mountain Hell Premieres Saturday, December 12 at 10/9c Off grid, the Dynes family homesteaders face a steep and icy hill ascent as they attempt to haul a school bus back to their cabin. On the tracks, mechanics RC and Steve race to repair a derailed snowplow blocking the rail line. Fellow mechanic James ‘The Cuffcake’ Cuff faces a race through avalanche territory to reach a piece of stranded machinery.

Ice Rescue Premieres Saturday, December 19 at 10/9c Tempers flare on the railroad as an extra heavy train runs into brake problems and a disastrous derailment leaves maintenance teams stranded and in need of urgent rescue. Meanwhile, off-grid couple Taras and Staci Genet avert a fiery disaster when their stove breaks. With no other way to heat their cabin, they turn to the Alaska Railroad and their own bush knowledge for help.

Trapped in Ice Premieres Saturday, December 26 at 10/9c When a drunk person strays onto the track, Bill is left with a split second decision to make. Elsewhere, the railroad’s most deadly machine is deployed for its first mission of the year. Off-grid homesteader Jennifer Hawks teams up with old-timer JT on a perilous journey to find a cabin that’s been washed down a river by a flood and now lies trapped in the ice. Unstable ice and fast-flowing water leave the duo in a battle to stay on dry land.

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