RADius Launches Kickstarter For ‘Fed Up’ To Be Made Free To Every Teacher

RADiUS, the boutique label of the Weinstein Company in tandem with the FED UP team are excited to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to make the hit film available to every teacher in America. The goal is not only to equip every teacher who signs up on the FED UP website (www.fedupmovie.com) with a free copy of the film in both English and Spanish, but, also to provide them with a FED UP Food Education kit that includes an exhibition license to allow for unlimited school screenings, a 60 minute classroom version of the film and a comprehensive study guide.

Narrated by Katie Couric, FED UP unearths the dirty little secrets behind the food industry in an effort to get people eating healthier. The film was executive produced by Couric and Laurie David (AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH) and directed by award-winning filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig (TAPPED).

FED UP’s success has been fueled by an aggressive social action component. The Kickstarter campaign marks the next phase in the film’s mission to help Americans combat one of the greatest health epidemics of our time. The FED UP Challenge, the film’s first social action initiative, launched in May 2014 with enormous success – inspired more than 65,000 people to go sugar-free for 10 days.

According to FED UP’s Social Action Campaign Director Dan O’Meara: “Eighteen months ago, RADiUS former co-president Tom Quinn had a brilliant idea for how we could innovate in educational distribution by working with Kickstarter to make FED UP directly available to every teacher in America. Since then, we have built a dedicated network of individuals who are passionate about the cause. We hope this community of 500,000+ will join us on our mission to put FED UP in every American classroom.”

Couric emphasized the importance of this campaign: “Our intention from the beginning was to get FED UP in the hands of educators across the country because we knew that if every teacher, student, and parent had the opportunity to learn the truth about the food they eat, then together, we might start to turn the tide on this public health epidemic.”

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