‘The Purge: Anarchy’ Featurette Survival


Cast: Frank Grillo, Carmen Ejogo, Zoe Soul, Kiele Sanchez, Zach Gilford, Michael K. Williams and John Beasley
Written and Directed by: James DeMonaco
Produced by: Jason Blum, Sébastien Kurt Lemercier, Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller
Studio: Universal Pictures
Release Date: Friday, July 18
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UniversalHorror
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thepurgemovie
Website: http://www.blumhouse.com/film/thepurgeanarchy

The New Founders of America invite you to celebrate your annual right to Purge. THE PURGE: ANARCHY, the sequel to summer 2013’s sleeper hit that opened to No. 1 at the box-office, sees the return of writer/director/producer James DeMonaco to craft the next terrifying chapter of dutiful citizens preparing for their country’s yearly 12 hours of anarchy. Returning alongside DeMonaco to produce the sequel to 2013’s sleeper hit are Blumhouse Productions’ Jason Blum (PARANORMAL ACTIVITIY and INSIDIOUS series), alongside Sébastien K. Lemercier (ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13, FOURS LOVER) and Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay (PAIN & GAIN, TRANSFORMERS franchise), Brad Fuller (THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, A NIGHTMARE OF ELM STREET) and Andrew Form (THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, FRIDAY THE 13TH).

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