Preview Of TLC’s ‘Extreme I Do’s’ Thursday

Pack your bags and get ready to travel across the country to experience three one-of-a-kind weddings on TLC’s one-hour special EXTREME I DO’S, airing Thursday, July 30 at 10/9c. Follow the bride and groom as they meet with top wedding planners who help take their vows to new measures, and heights, as each one redefines what it means to have a fairytale wedding. From a winter wonderland-themed ceremony 2,500 feet high, to a Twilight-inspired enchanted day and an out-of-the-ordinary entrance to an uncharted location, these couples have spared no expense to make sure everyone remembers their special day.

– TC and Tatjana want to branch out from their Wisconsin home and travel up, way up, to the mountains of Alaska for their nuptials. If being this high wasn’t enough, the wedding party will be standing at the edge of the cliff, so every photo has a breathtaking backdrop – but not everyone in the ceremony is comfortable with this idea. And tensions are high when the wedding planner has difficulty finding one of the most important things the bride has requested – will she be able to deliver?

– College sweethearts Savannah and Andrew aren’t traveling far to have their perfect wedding, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t over-the-top. With help from a wedding planner whose clients include for some of Country music’s biggest stars, this couple looks to take the natural beauty of the Smokey Mountains and turn it into an enchanted forest ceremony made for the big screen. But with great heights come steep roads, and sometimes things don’t always make it up the mountain as planned.

– Real Estate power couple Nicole and Mike are known as the “one-uppers” to their friends and family, and after getting help from two wedding planners who specialize in insane locations, their wedding will be no exception – the bride and groom will be the first to get married at a volcano in Maui. But this spectacular location comes at a price: a steep trek down to the venue may be too much for guests to handle. Luckily, Nicole has her own mode of transportation and somehow manages to top her already extreme wedding.

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