‘The Plumber’ Trailer

Hung’s Brian Prisco and Darcy Donovan (Parks & Recreation) star in the new Choose Your Own Adventure-style movie! Remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books – how you could essentially dictate the direction the story goes? Well, this is the film equivalent.

MovieMaze’s “The Plumber” is a movie in the form of an APP for mobile devices. It’s a lot of fun choosing how a film ends! A MovieMaze™ movie shows menus of choices at turning points in the story. The viewer’s choices determine what happens next. Simply put, the viewer creates his or her own movie by touching the screen.

‘The Plumber’ – a cartoonishly enjoyable horror/science-fiction hybrid – officially premiere at Amazing Arizona, Phoenix on Feb 13-15.

Two of the creators, Maria Collis and Erik Lundmark, based in L.A, also run the production and sales company LeoMark – responsible for the distribution of a large number of cult and current hits, including HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW, JACKERS, THE CABINING and STAR LEAF.


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