‘The Perfect Suspect’ Preview Thursday On Investigation Discovery

The Killer in the Corn premieres Thursday, January 25 at 9/8c When Dale Johnston moved his family to a farm outside of Logan, Ohio, he was looking for a friendly place to raise his children. Instead, what he found was a small town ready to hold him personally responsible for the murders of his step-daughter, Annette Cooper, and her boyfriend, Todd Schultz. When the remains of the two teens are found scattered across the cornfields and waterways of Logan, local police pull together evidence that indicates Johnston was not only a murderer, but a sexual predator as well. He is sentenced to death, and spends the next 25 years trying to clear his name… until the truth finally emerges from an unexpected source.

No Leg to Stand On premieres Thursday, February 1 (season finale) at 9/8c Kyle “Deenie” Breeden had been missing for almost 10 days when his body washed up in a Kentucky river. Police question his friends and family, including his physically handicapped ex-girlfriend, Susan Jean King, but they are unable to crack the case. Several years pass, and when a young and ambitious new detective takes a fresh look at the cold case, he comes to a very different conclusion. He thinks he knows who did it, but an unexpected twist turns everything upside down.

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