‘Oliver, Stoned’ Trailer

One of the comedy HIGHlights of the year, Oliver, Stoned hits DVD and digital August 4 from Uncork’d Entertainment and BG Pics. A smoke-filled, fast-paced comedy adventure starring Pitch Perfect 2’s Brea Grant and Southpaw’s Skylan Brooks, Oliver, Stoned fixes on the trippy antics of 26-year-old Oliver Barnes (Seth Cassell) who, upon discovering his car has been stolen, embarks on a drug fueled mission to track down the perpetrator and restore balance to the universe.

With Ryan Malgarini (TVs Gary Unlimited, How To Eat Fried Worms), Briana Lane (TVs The Real Housewives of Horror) and Larry Cedar (TVs Deadwood, National Treasure : Book of Secrets). Directed by Tom Morris and co-written by Morris and Jaz Kalkat. Oliver, Stoned on DVD and Digital August 4.


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