Oliver North To Host Season Two Of ‘Saving Private K-9’ On Sportsman Channel Thursday, April 23

Lt. Col. Oliver North is well known to Americans familiar with U.S. military activities and beyond. Among his prestigious honors, Lt. Col. North is a combat-decorated U.S. Marine, best-selling author, military correspondent for FOX News and – the new host of the award-winning original series Saving Private K-9 on Sportsman Channel.

Join Lt. Col. North for the powerful stories about fearless American service dogs and their handlers. Season Two of Saving Private K-9 – produced by Pilgrim Studios – premieres on Thursday, April 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT exclusively on Sportsman Channel.

“Service dogs are a vital part of our military and I’m excited to highlight their bravery on Saving Private K-9,” said North. “This program gives Americans a true understanding about service dogs and their remarkable actions. These furry warriors are life-savers for our troops and I’m proud to bring these stories to the public.”

Lt. Col. Oliver North is a Texas native who graduated from the United States Naval Academy and served 22 years as a U.S. Marine. For his service in combat, he was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star for valor and two Purple Hearts for wounds in action.

From 1983-1986, North served on the National Security Council Staff as the U.S. Government’s counter-terrorism coordinator. He was involved in planning the rescue of 804 medical students on the island of Grenada and played a major role in the capture of terrorists who hijacked the cruise ship Achille Lauro. President Ronald Reagan described him as “an American hero.”

Currently, North serves on the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and is the founder of the Freedom Alliance, a foundation providing college scholarships to the sons and daughters of U.S. military personnel killed in the line of duty.

“Lt. Col. North has done so much for this country and is the perfect fit to host Saving Private K-9,” said Marc Fein, executive vice president of programming and production for Sportsman Channel. “A prolific storyteller, Lt. Col. North will bring audiences into the action during Season Two and honor the service of these heroic dogs and their handlers.”

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