‘Nuremberg: Nazi Judgment Day’ Premieres Monday, November 16 On American Heroes Channel

Three-Part Series Premieres Monday, November 16 at 10/9c
Seventy years after the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, AHC presents this exclusive three-part series that takes viewers inside the minds and the secret workings of the Nazi leadership. Combining narration with full dialogue-driven drama, NUREMBERG: NAZI JUDGMENT DAY gives an unprecedented view of three key players in the Nazi regime – Hermann Goering, Albert Speer and Rudolf Hess. Drawing on extensive research of archives throughout Europe and the United States, the series uses largely unpublished documents to bring the Nazi war criminals back to life and follows them from their capture to their sentence and to each of their subsequent fates: suicide; 20 years imprisonment; and life imprisonment, respectively. These are not biographies in the conventional sense, as they allow viewers to meet the key figures in the Allied camp, from the judges and prosecutors to the psychologists, and to understand better how they came to construct the most important trial in history.

Albert Speer
Premieres Monday, November 16 at 10/9c
Albert Speer was the Third Reich’s Minister of Armaments and Hitler’s chief architect.

Hermann Goering
Premieres Monday, November 23 at 10/9c
Hermann Goering was Commander in Chief of the Luftwaffe and Hitler’s Reichsmarshall.

Rudolf Hess
Premieres Monday, November 30 at 10/9c
Rudolf Hess was Hitler’s deputy and co-creator of the anti-Jewish Nuremberg Laws that shaped Nazi Ideology.

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