Now Showing on Netflix: The Rise of Daniel Negreanu in “KidPoker” Documentary

KidPoker is a documentary released in December 2015 that details the life and career of Daniel Negreanu, a renowned poker player from Toronto, Canada. The documentary was released on Netflix in June 2016, expanding its viewership to several countries worldwide, including Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Daniel is the youngest poker player to ever win in a World Series of Poker Series bracelet, winning at the age of 23. He has also won a place in the Poker Hall of Fame with his record $32.4 million in live cash and remains the most celebrated poker professional in the business. His success is a great source of inspiration for poker players around the globe and everyone who aspires to reach their dreams.

A Preview of the Documentary
This feature-length documentary about Daniel Negreanu begins with his younger days growing up in his home country, Canada, then continues to show us his pool hustling in Toronto, and finally brings us to his present status as one of poker’s most successful players. There were a few people to thank for Daniel’s rise to fame, particularly his mother, and they, too, are presented in this film.

Daniel says that sharing his story is all about spreading inspiration: “This is a story of clear intention and determination, in that the odds were stacked against me, especially in the early years. I want this to be an inspirational film, so that when people watch it, they feel they can get back on the horse and pursue their dreams too.”

Aside from showing us the life of this famous poker player, KidPoker also allows us to get a glimpse into the high stakes poker world, featuring interviews with a few other popular poker players like Vanessa Selbst, the only female professional poker player to ever reach the number one ranking in the world on the Global Poker Index, and Phil Ivey, another renowned professional poker player who has won ten World Series of Poker bracelets, one World Poker Tour title, and appeared at nine World Poker Tour final tables.

A Boost for the Poker Industry
Beyond showing Daniel’s greatest achievements and inspiring the millions of Netflix viewers from all over the planet, this documentary can also serve to give the poker industry a huge boost. Although the poker community is already a thriving one, with ten million players on one online poker game site alone, 888poker, and many more on other sites, being shown to Netflix’s 80 million subscribers will definitely bring in new players not just to traditional poker but to the online scene as well.

Online poker has been growing steadily over the years because of several reasons. For one, it is very convenient. Anyone can play it at any time of the day, no need to get up and get dressed to go to a casino which might not be very near to some people. Aside from playing online poker on your computer, you can also download the app on your smartphone. Another advantage of online poker is you can play it for free. There are no-deposit signup offers that even give you a bonus when you register online, and most sites offer games with “play money” in addition 

A Must-Watch for Everyone, Not Just Poker Players
Daniel’s story is inspirational, and everyone can benefit from watching this documentary which is emotionally charged and entertaining at the same time. It is about one’s passion and also about the unconditional love and support from family.

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