‘Nazi Secret Files’ Premieres Monday On American Heroes Channel

Adolf Hitler is one of the world’s most terrifying—and most studied—historical figures. But a new series premiering on American Heroes Channel (AHC), NAZI SECRET FILES, suggests that there is still much to know about this deadly dictator. Premiering Monday, July 11 at 10/9c, NAZI SECRET FILES is a thrilling, six-part series examining newly-discovered information about Hitler and those close to him during the Nazi reign—from exposing the huge drug program that fueled the Nazi war machine, to fresh evidence proving the Nazis were colluding with experts on germ warfare. An in-depth exploration on how an unremarkable drifter from Vienna instigated the most devastating military conflict in history, NAZI SECRET FILES reveals the incredible story of mass hysteria, bizarre beliefs, and dangerous delusions that ended with a religious war of devastating proportions.

The premiere episode reveals the huge narcotics program behind the Nazi war machine—from the top-down. From the start, the German blitzkrieg was fuelled by crystal meth – an at-the-time untested and experimental drug that drove Nazi soldiers to extreme violence and ultimately, mental breakdowns. Hitler, who hooked himself on daily intravenous injections of the drug, was driven to even greater madness. Despite the dangers, the Allies fall into using a drug of their own during the war—benzedrine amphetamine—and ultimately, the two narcotics come head-to-head in an intoxicated clash on the battlefields of North Africa.

Additional premieres of NAZI SECRET FILES are as follows:

Hitler’s Death Ray

Premieres Monday, July 18 at 10/9c

The Nazis dreamt of a solar death ray orbiting the skies, 5,100 miles from Earth, that could obliterate any city. But what was the reality? This episode explores the technology available to Nazi Germany and just how close they were to reaching space.

Hitler and the Aryan Myth

Premieres Monday, July 25 at 10/9c

The destructive belief of the Aryan “super race” inspired the Nazis into war and the Holocaust—but what lay behind it is a laughable pseudo-history dreamt up by occult fantasists.

Mad Science: Nazi Killer Bugs

Premieres Monday, August 1 at 10/9c

Hitler famously said he was against biological weapons, but new evidence shows the Nazis were colluding with experts on germ warfare—and their deadly plan to launch a biological attack on the Allies could have changed the course of the war, and of history.

Hitler’s Messiah Complex

Premieres Monday, August 22 at 10/9c

A series of psychotic episodes in his early life convinced Adolf Hitler he was a modern day Pharaoh sent by God to wage war against the Jews. But how did an unremarkable drifter from Vienna instigate the most devastating military conflict in the history of the world?

Nazi Jihad

Premieres Monday, August 29 at 10/9c

As Allied forces close in on Germany, the Nazi dream appears to be over. But two men, Otto Skorzeny and Amin Al Husseini, are determined to carry Hitler’s vision beyond Germany. From their Nazi stronghold in the Middle East, Skorzeny and Al Husseini create a new kind of terror: this is the untold story of the Nazi Jihad.

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