‘My Family’s Deadly Secret’ Preview Tuesday On Investigation Discovery

All families have secrets, but not like this. Behind the closed curtains of suburbia, not all is as it seems. Someone has a secret and they are prepared to do whatever it takes – including murder – to ensure it remains hidden forever. In MY FAMILY’S DEADLY SECRET, feuding families, illicit relationships, and deadly secrets are hidden from investigators. If they want to solve the murder, detectives must delve deeper and expose a secret someone is prepared to kill for.

Bloodland premieres Tuesday, May 12 at 10/9c On Valentine’s Day, 2004, Michael Hargon, his wife Rebecca and their 4-year-old son James Patrick vanish from their home in Vaughan, Mississippi. Fearful for the Hargons’ survival, investigators discover that Michael’s family had been victims of a violent crime ten years earlier and that Michael had recently come into an inheritance. As events take a sinister turn, police confront the idea that Michael’s recent good fortune could have been a factor in the family’s disappearance.

Who Killed Cathy? premieres Tuesday, May 19 at 10/9c When 20-year-old student Cathy Torrez disappears after her shift at a local drugstore in California, a desperate search for her begins. A week later, police discover her body in the trunk of her own car. Cathy’s murder sparks a 20-year fight to find out the truth behind her last moments and put her killer behind bars. Driven by the love and tenacity of Cathy’s family, investigators bring this cold case back to life with breakthroughs in DNA technology, which finally reveal the truth behind who killed Cathy.

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