Movie Short Review: ‘Women & Wine (Kvinner & Cava From Norway)’

WOMEN & WINE (KVINNER & CAVA, short film, Norway)
Greetings again from the darkness. Petty jealousies are so ridiculous, and yet so common and universal. Director Liv Karin Dahlstram co-wrote the film with Thorkild Schrumpf and they take on the awkward nature of childhood friends versus current friends.

Human nature is on trial, and we see quickly that the verdict will be guilty. Turid (a terrific Marit Andreassen) and Signe (Jeanne Bee) have been planning, and are now executing, the surprise 50th birthday party for their friend Grete (Turid Gunnes). It doesn’t take long before feelings are hurt, and Turid begins making the day about herself. Despite her lifelong friendship with Grete, she fabricates a competition with Signe, who gets to spend more time with Grete these days.

The three actresses are all spot on, but of course it’s Ms. Andreassen whose character steals the show from the birthday girl. While her emotions and actions are difficult to watch, we’ve all seen folks act this way … and perhaps even done so ourselves. “I don’t eat horse” may stand for a lifetime of memories; however, looking this closely at our species doesn’t always result in our liking what we see.

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