Movie Short Review: ‘Peggy’

An interesting insight into American suburban life, short film ‘Peggy’ brings a tale of an over-achieving housewife who has everything under control. From a supportive husband to four beautiful kids, Peggy has everything she needs in life in just the right amount. The film takes us through her eight- year old son’s birthday party where she organizes each and every aspect in a perfect manner.

We come across her attention to detail through the excellent arrangements at home. She seems to be a person who makes sure everything falls in place, while she entertains her friends and neighbors for the house party. We are introduced to her efforts from setting a bouncy house to preparing an organic cake. At the same time, rising jealousy from her friends as they judge her efforts and think bad in their minds point towards her well- known perfectness.

A tale that prompts us to think about our own so-called perfectness for others and the growing desire to have everything under control is something worth watching. Though we may do a lot for everyone with the best of interests at heart, things may not appear the way they are meant to be. Excellent casting, good depiction and variety of characters add highlights to the tale that succeeds in delivering its message. It leaves a lot to the imagination of the audience, prompting each one to pick the underlying essence as they seem fit. It involves diverse set of characters each carrying their own shortcomings, while depicting jealousy for the perfect Peggy. But how does Peggy react when things do not go her way or does it never happen is something to look out for. Is it okay to not have everything or is it totally necessary to depict it for others is the thing to think about. The movie was directed by Justin O’Neal Miller.

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