Movie Short Review: ‘Nightfire’

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Movie Reviews, Movies | 0 comments

Review by Lisa Payne

Agents Carter (Lorenzo Pisoni) and Ross (George Hadley) are on a special forces mission for the US government. Agent Carter runs into a political prisoner, Olivetti (Dylan Baker) as he is about to plant a bomb. Agent Ross says just leave Olivetti where he is, however AC has a heart and can’t do it. He rescues Olivetti, who is incredibly grateful.

“Roses are red. Shut the fuck up.” Agent Ross gave me a real chuckle out of that because it’s what I’d say in the situation.

Everyone is pleased Olivetti was saved, as he is a famous Italian poet. It gets wild from here. I knew we’d get some surprises, and I enjoyed every second of this. This was no longer than it needed to be.

Nightfire’s ending is a bit syrupy and let’s it down. Until then, it’s a helluva ride! The film hits May 1 on Hulu.