Movie Short Review: ‘Mum’

Greetings again from the darkness. Anne-Marie O’Connor has written three novels and created a highly successful UK television series entitled “Trollied”. This time she turns her attention to the big screen with an intimate story (co-written with Producer Gail Egan) to which many might relate.

Kate O’Donnell is the transgendered actress who plays Kate, a woman looking forward to a spa day with her mother (Margot Leicester) from whom she’s been separated for awhile. Upon arrival Kate is surprised to learn that her mum is quite ill, and an argument ensues with her brother Carl (Lee Boardman) and stepdad (Kenneth Colley). It’s here that we realize Kate isn’t so welcome or accepted in her own family, and lack of communication has exacerbated the situation.

Flashbacks show us young Kate/Andrew on the soccer field being targeted with the ultimate putdown by boys in childhood: “You’re a girl.” The story takes us full circle through a song at bath time and the touching re-connection between mother and child.

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