Movie Short Review: ‘Ian’

Physical limitations do not restrict us as humans as much as emotional and social alienation does. An inspiring tale on inclusion, friendship, understanding and togetherness, short film ‘Ian’ introduces us to the plight of a little boy with cerebral palsy. While bound to a wheelchair and struggling with his uniqueness, Ian is unable to play with his friends like all the other children do. As this brings in feeling of loneliness and discrimination, he has to face the burden with nothing but defeat and endless sorrow.

Though his mother supports and strives to be with him, Ian misses the opportunity of being himself. With aid of excellent graphics and simple story, makers of this short film have depicted the power of social bonding and unity. Instead of out-casting people with disabilities, it is possible to make them a usual part of our everyday life. All it takes is some conscious measures from our end. There is nothing different in their life, what is different or unusual is the hurtful attitude of fellow classmates and friends.

Aid of relateable characters playing in a park add essence of reality to the film. Separated by a strong fence, when Ian is unable to be with his friends on the playground, the message focuses on dissolving these barriers. A conscious change in attitude runs as the underlying theme of this exceptionally brilliant and simple tale of love, affection, friendship and unity.

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