Movie Short Review: ‘Forever Now’

Greetings again from the darkness. Danish writer/director Kristian Haskjold has stated that much of this short film is improvised, while also being based on his real life breakup. Choosing a relationship breakup as the topic for a film means it’s unlikely to be a feel-good kind of viewing experience, but expert filmmaking and realistic acting blend to keep us interested for the full 17 minutes.

The opening scene has William (Ferdinand Falsen Hiis) breaking up with Cecilie (Frederikke Dahl Hansen). What follows are the familiar “stages” of a break-up when two people still love and care for each other, but realize they just aren’t good together. A shared drug-induced fog leads to a final night of emotional release followed by a morning after of harsh reality. Sprinkled throughout are telling flashbacks – both good and bad – that enlighten us to the story of the couple. The crisp story-telling (defined by excellent use of lighting) of a life event many have experienced … followed by the closing of a door.

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