Movie Short Review: ‘Dunya’s Day’

A funny take into status, wealth, and presentation, the short film ‘Dunya’s Day’ wants to convey a hidden message. While preparing for her big graduation party for family and friends, Dunya encounters an extremely difficult situation. She needs her domestic maid more than ever to make everything perfect, but as luck will have it, the maid chooses to quit on the big day. Tired of her demands and constant nagging, the maid leaves her with no other option. As Dunya strives to do house chores one after the other hoping to save the day, the tale takes a comical twist. She shows her unrealistic desire to please her friends in the society. She pays attention to her clothes, the house, food, and every single preparation, hoping to be famous in her group. Instead what follows is complete disaster from start to end.

The short film shows the significance of respect and dedication. It shows that we cannot be happy unless we make ourselves happy. Striving to appear perfect for the world is not correct. Unless we make peace with our mind and do things for our happiness, we cannot be great for others. There is superficiality in class, status, wealth, presentation, and labels. At the end what matters is we do things our way. As long as we treat others with respect and take good care of our dreams, everything will fall in place.

With an all-female cast, excellent acting, and a relatable story, everyone has done a great job. Watch the story that has lot of scope for interpretation. Each one of us will learn something relevant because it connects with the viewers.

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