Movie Short Review: ‘Clodagh’

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Greetings again from the darkness. No dialogue is spoken for the first two minutes, which is significant when you note this is a 16-minute Short Film. That first couple of minutes features Mrs. Kelly (Brid Ni Neachtain, THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN, 2022) diligently going about her business as housekeeper and assistant for a rural Irish priest. As she polishes shoes, vacuums the church, and scrubs the tub, it’s clear Mrs. Kelly is a woman of faith and structure.

Though we are a bit surprised to learn Mrs. Kelly also runs a dance school, it’s no shock when she initially blocks a new student from entering the class since the proper paperwork hasn’t been completed. “We’ll have no Dallas, Texas here”, Mrs. Kelly sternly informs the young girl as she wipes away the glitter make-up. This new student is Clodagh (Katelyn Rose Downey, THE NUN II, 2023), and she unwittingly awakens something in both Mrs. Kelly and her fiddle player, Mr. Hickey (Jim Kitson).

This is the fourth short film from writer-director Portia A Buckley, and the script is co-written by Michael Lindley (TWIST, 2021). The film expertly sets up the internal conflict that plays out as commitment and dedication versus inspiration and passion. This little gem is making the festival rounds, including Tribeca in June 2004.

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