Movie Short Review: ‘Baby Hers’

Greetings again from the darkness. “All mothers love their babies.” This statement appears on screen more than once during Susan Rosenzweig’s documentary. She even starts the film with an Agatha Christie quote, “A mother’s love for their child is like nothing else in the world.”

Cristina Reyna-Neel describes the feeling of being a new mother for her infant daughter Evie. She discusses how breastfeeding has created a bond, and how her mother instincts to protect the child kicked in immediately. We then switch to dairy cows and see how at factory farms, calves are immediately taken from their mothers at birth so that the mother’s milk can be used for human consumption. We’ve seen it before, but it’s never easy to see a mother cow crying in pain for her baby.

A Farm Sanctuary introduces us to Bo Diddley, Reba, and Valentine, a cow family who live a much different life in the grass and under the trees. We hear from a veterinarian who also runs a dairy farm, and he recounts the horrors of mass production – while also reminding us of the old days when consumers knew their local farmers.

The “Got Milk” ad campaign is given credit (blamed) for successfully brainwashing the public into thinking milk is healthy and necessary. Cows produce milk for the same reason people do … to feed their babies. It’s ‘food for thought’, and credit goes to Ms. Rosenzweig for pushing the message by comparing a human mother to mother cow. All mothers love their babies.

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