Movie Review: ‘You’re Killing Me Susana’ Is A Light Hearted Comedy Drama

A movie that focuses on the stereotypic relationship between a man and his wife in an entertaining manner – ‘You’re killing Me Susana’ is a light hearted comedy drama. Slated to release on 24Th February, 2017 this entertainer has Mexican roots to its credit. With elements of surprise, love, romance and arguments – the story will manage to keep the audience entertained till the last bit. The plot revolves around an actor and his wife, while they deal with uncertainties in their relationship. A self-obsessed soap opera actor Eligio (Gael Garcia Bernal) and his beautiful writer wife Susana (Echegui) play the leads, as they struggle through their marriage.

Based in a city of Mexico, the story depicts the nature of Eligio as a womanizer. Though he loves his wife truly, he is unable to resist the temptation of falling in love with other women at work or along his social circle. Well aware about her husband’s behavior, Susana decides to leave him for good. Without any intimation, when Susana abandons Eligio, he is totally clueless and surprised about her whereabouts. The movie depicts the typical nature of a self-obsessed man with male ego who believes his wife will bear anything without a word. On the other hand, the female protagonist is portrayed as a strong woman who walks on an independent path to make a name for herself. By depicting a strong-willed woman of today’s generation, Director Roberto Sneider has added interesting colors to the story.

While struggling to find his missing wife, Eligio deals with wide range of emotions. After connecting dots, when he traces his wife at a writer’s workshop in Iowa University in the US, he leaves immediately to get his wife back home. Comic sense, hilarious dialogues and embarrassing situations greet Eligio as he arrives in a totally different country. While dealing with cultural differences and language barrier, his acting seems funny in every way. Though he meets his wife Susana, he realizes the difference in her attitude and love. While working hard in her writer’s program, Susana moves ahead with new friends and a new lover. This disturbs Eligio to a great extent, as he gets the taste of his own medicine.

With his charming looks and sweet talks, he makes every possible attempt to win his wife’s love, only to be rejected each time. Though Eligio expresses his true feelings to Susana on several occasions, he does not receive the same from her. The movie handles aspects of infidelity in an entertaining manner, showing the typical problems from a man and woman’s perspective. Both Eligio and Susana fight the demons of love and hatred in their minds, fearing separation from their partner.

The movie scores excellent points with respect to the cast. With his handsome looks and charming smile actor Gael Garcia Bernal justifies the role of Eligio. His funny experiences in United States bring loads of laughter to the storyline. Roller coaster of love, hatred, happiness, anger and confusion between Eligio and Susana add several twists to the tale.

Though the story progresses ahead at a medium pace, it lacks participation of the actors to the full extent. More clarity of thoughts from Susana’s perspective could highlight about her stand in the story. Good blend of both the countries is an interesting aspect to look forward to.

An entertainer that can connect with married couples, this story is definitely unique and worth watching. Watch the movie for its cast, feelings, drama and humor. ‘You’re killing me Susana’ will certainly not kill you of boredom!

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