Movie Review: ‘You Cast A Spell On Me’

Ryan McPartlin (Chuck’s Captain Awesome) stars in the new supernatural romantic comedy You Cast a Spell on Me. In it, Ryan plays Matt Andover, a charismatic businessman trying to keep his family business on the right track. But his professional problems pale in comparison to his personal problems- he is a warlock and the magical powers that he loves are in jeopardy if he is not married by his next birthday. His coven and the unseen “council” have arranged a marriage with his longtime best friend, Lizzy (Briana Lane; Oliver, Stoned and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3). Neither is really keen on the idea, but they agree to it for the sake of tradition and to keep their powers.

However, his life gets turned upside down when he meets a psychiatrist, Sara (Nikki Deloach; Awkward and Days of Our Lives), at a Halloween party. At first Matt mistakes her for a witch (because she is wearing a witch costume) and they end up talking the whole night away; in the morning, Sara reveals that she is a mere human and they decide to let that magical night be a memory save for one kiss. Soon after, Matt’s powers start to malfunction while Sara begins to develop powers of her own.

You Cast a Spell on Me probably won’t be casting too many spells on general audiences. The movie is cheesy good, light-hearted fun with some okay acting, a few good laughs, and plausible special effects. And, it is keeping with the theme of the season since it is about witches and warlocks and is set around Halloween. But, the plot is a bit thin with no real dramatic tension or excitement. In the film’s mythology, a witch/warlock has to be married by the age of 36 or they lose their powers. But Matt doesn’t seem to take the threat seriously and the mothers of the bride and groom even have a conversation about how said mythology may not be real.

Fans of the Christian Mingle movie (anybody?) might enjoy seeing Jonathan Patrick Moore in a supporting role as Matt’s best friend. His presence kind of detracts from the “might lose his powers” tension because he does not have powers and he seems perfectly happy for the most part, though he does talk about what he would do with Matt’s powers if he had a chance. Carolyn Hennesy, Harley Jane Kozak, Jeff Doucette and a few other familiar faces also have supporting roles that vary in quality.

If you’re looking for a fun Halloween-themed romance, this might just be the film for you. I thought it was cute and had great potential, kind of like a sitcom with a good premise in its early days that is still finding its footing. The scenes where Sara is discovering her newfound abilities range from mildly humorous to laugh out loud funny (depending also, of course, on your comedic tastes).

Available on Digital HD and On Demand October 6.

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