Movie Review: ‘Yoga Hosers’ Is Enjoyable And Kevin Smith Fans Will Appreciate It

Review by Lauryn Angel

Kevin Smith’s latest film is not great cinema. But with a title like Yoga Hosers, audiences should not go in expecting great cinema. Instead, viewers should go in expecting a lot of juvenile humor, Batman references, and outrageous Canadian accents. This is, after all, a movie Kevin Smith made for his teenage daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, and her best friend, Lily-Rose Depp. Smith is very open about the fact that his goal was to make a fun movie with his kid, and that he didn’t think about making a movie that critics would love.

The story is pretty simple: Colleen M. (Harley Quinn Smith) and Colleen C. (Lily-Rose Depp) work at a Canadian convenience store – the Eh-2-Zed – and do regular teenage girl stuff, like texting, scheming their way into senior parties, and taking yoga classes. When their way of life is threatened by Bratzis (that’s right: Nazis made out of bratwurst, played by Kevin Smith himself), the Colleens put the teachings of their yoga instructor, Yogi Bayer (Justin Long) into practice: when something threatens the yoga way, kick its ass.

The plot is thin and the jokes are juvenile, but on the whole, I found the movie to be a lot of fun. I went in without any expectations other than the hope that it would be enjoyable. As a fan of Smith’s work, I was not disappointed, and, judging from the response of others in the theater, I was not the only one who enjoyed it. It’s far from being Smith’s best film, but it’s enjoyable, with cameos and gags that Smith fans will appreciate.

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