Movie Review: ‘Wolves’ Is A Movie Twilight Lovers Should Enjoy

Review By Monique Thompson

Wolves is probably a film most Twilight lovers will probably enjoy. Teenager Cayden Richards is horrified when he wakes and find out that it seems he murdered his parents. Upon the discovery, Cayden packs up and leads town, hoping for answer as to why he has been having these horrible nightmares which have seemed to come to life. He decides to find out about his ancestry in a town called Lupine Ridge. Little does he know, the truth is going to be a shocker.

Think of Twilight minus the “vampires versus wolves story” and you have the film Wolves. Although there’s nothing original – typical story of the young handsome guy meeting the young and beautiful girl who fall in love despite his unusual gift – Wolves is still a pretty good film. You have the good versus bad amongst a group of wolves instead of the vampire versus wolves. While the story is nothing original, the special effects definitely carry the film to help set it apart from other usual werewolf films. While it is also categorized as a horror movie, there’s even a few surprises that takes the film in a few twists and turns that result in a not so predictable story with plenty of suspenseful moments.

Rated: R
Running Time: 90 minutes
Starring: Jason Momoa, Lucas Till, Merritt Patterson, Stephen McHattie, and John Pyper-Ferguson

Wolves on VOD now and select theaters November 14th.

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