Movie Review: ‘Wild Canaries’ Will Have You Guessing Until The End

Review By Bradley Smith

Part murder mystery, part rom-com, Wild Canaries is a fun movie about a couple and their friends and neighbors. When a nice elderly neighbor in their apartment passes away, Barri (played by Sophia Takal) is the only one who suspects foul play and starts an investigation, first on her own, then with the help of her friends and/or boyfriend, Noah (played by Lawrence Michael Levine, who also wrote and directed the movie).

Trouble inevitably follows with some humorous and some not-so-humorous dramatic outcomes as Barri discovers secrets with the complex that were probably better left hidden. Soon, it seems like anyone could be a killer.

Along the way, there is bit of turmoil in Barri and Noah’s relationship as well as the relationships of their friends. Among the relationship subplots, there is temptation, separation, new love, renewed love, all while trying to catch a killer that may only be in one person’s mind. It’s funny and seemingly random, at first. By the end, the relationship issues as well as the murder mystery are mostly resolved.
The characters are quarky, which adds to the humor at times, and the actors play them with a subtle, realistic charm. They film was entertaining to watch and the story had me guessing up until the end.

Wild Canaries is in theaters & on VOD now!

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